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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Commerce Children's Center located?

The Commerce Children's Center is located on the NIST/NOAA campus at 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80305. The Center is adjacent to Boulder Open Space.  Click here for a map.

Who owns the Commerce Children's Center?

Believe it or not, the best short answer is that you do if you have children at the Center. The legal reality is in fact fairly complex, as there are three separate corporations involved in running the Center in addition to the subtle role played by the U. S. Department of Commerce (DOC).

What role does the U. S. Department of Commerce play?

The DOC has no official responsibilities for running the Center. DOC allows the Center to use a building and the play yards on their site much as a landlord rents out a building. DOC annually contributes funds equal to about 7% of the Center's tuition income for maintenance and custodial service to the Center, and DOC estimates the space contribution to be worth an additional 10% of the Center's tuition income. From time to time, DOC also uses its site-wide building improvement funds for projects at the Center. The free use of federal government facilities enjoyed by the CCCA is justified by virtue of the fact that the Center benefits the employer, DOC, in the recruitment, retention, and productivity of its employees. This is the reason why DOC employees are given preferential enrollment opportunities and tuition rates.

I'm not a federal employee, can my child attend the Center?

Absolutely! Slightly less than 50% of our families are not federal employees.

May I tour the facility?

Touring of the facility is strongly encouraged. Because the Department of Commerce is a secure site, an appointment is necessary. Please contact the Center Director to schedule an appointment (email: winter@boulder.nist.gov or phone: 303-497-5063).

How do I apply?

To request an information packet, you may either fill out a form on-line or contact the Center Director at 303-497-5063.

What are your fees?

Child care fees are comparable to other high-quality centers in the Boulder area. Please contact the Center Director for a fee schedule.

What is tuition assistance?

Tuition assistance is available to qualified sponsors who are Department of Commerce employees or affiliates.

What food services are provided?

The Center maintains a large, fully-functional kitchen on site. We serve morning and afternoon snacks and a nutritious home-cooked lunch that includes organic milk and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Can I visit my child during the day?

Absolutely! Parents are welcome to visit their children during the day. We do ask you discuss visitation with your child's teachers to determine what times are most appropriate.

Will you give me references of other parents who have used your services?

Yes! The Center Director can provide contact information for parents on the Parent Advisory Committee and may also provide a contact list for parents of children of similar age to yours.